3 card Poker odds, payouts, and strategies to win.

Three-card Poker is a kind of popular card game. Its main feature is the following: the participants play against the casino. There can be up to 6 people at the table at the same time. The number of players is determined by the number of cells on the game table. If one person plays at the table, they can occupy several slots at once. The game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. Many people think that this kind of Poker is much simpler, but it is not true.

This game resembles Canadian Stud (Caribbean Poker). It was invented by Derek Webb, the owner of the casino network Prime Table Games in 1994. It is rarely found in Poker rooms but is present in most casinos. 3 card Poker odds and payout for each of them differ from “classic” Poker and Hold’em. To be precise, these are two whole games combined into one name. The rules of each one differ a bit.

Basic 3 card Poker odds rules

Before the player starts learning everything about 3 card Poker odds and some progressive strategy that can be used to win more in this game, they must remember the basic rules of it. (Rules in details are described on Wizard of Odds 3 card Poker pages)

Before the game, everyone can play Pair Plus, which means that a gamer hopes that they will have a strong combination. At the same time, if the player has a weak hand, they will lose. To make a bet, players move the chips in the appropriate cell of the table. Before sitting at the table, players set the minimum size of the ante and make a contribution. The dealer distributes to all those present, including himself, 3 cards each.

After that, players have the opportunity to continue or abandon the game. In the latter case, the bet is canceled. Then anyone can bet, while the rest will have to equalize the overall balance. After that, the dealer qualifies. If they have a Queen, then the player can play on. If not, the player receives a 1:1 win and returns their bet. If the game took place, then after the opening, the dealer evaluates the cards of the players.

The winner is the one who collected the strongest combination. There is no exchange in the game. If both players have the same combination, then the first or second card is evaluated.


When playing this game consider 3 card Poker odds and the following combinations:

  1. A pair: two cards of the same value, but of a different suit;
  2. Three or four of a kind: 3 cards with one face value, but of different suits;
  3. Street: cards with a consistently built face value;
  4. A Straight Flush: cards with a consistent denomination and the same suit.
  5. 3 card Poker odds should be considered;
  6. The player must not play for borrowed money;
  7. When the big win comes, it is better to leave the game.


The game has a direct connection between the bet and the combination that is collected. The amount of winnings depends on how much the gambler bets and on their cards. The coefficients of the multipliers may differ depending on the type of bet.

If the player managed to collect one of the first three strongest combinations, they will receive an additional payment at the initial ante rate. Traditionally, these 3 card Poker odds and payout tables are published on the sites where this type of Poker is played.

Best 3 card Video Poker slots

Choosing Video Poker, it is advisable to try various slots, learn more about 3 card Poker odds and not also forget about wager requirements in the casino if the bonus is used. Only experience can prompt a gamer, which of them is better for them.

Microgaming has one of the best versions of this game. Here Ante and Pair Plus bets must be between 0.5 and 200 credits. They must be equal.

The NetEnt variant of this game also attracts the attention of many gamblers and especially of those ones who enjoy other slots of this famous company. Evolution Gaming variant of this card entertaining game offers an additional (optional) side bet which is 6 card bonus. Picking its Video Poker, the player can also find 3 card Poker 6 card bonus odds table there.

Playtech game variant offers generous payouts that are mentioned above.

Strategies to win

At the beginning of the game, the gambler has options: continue or refuse. The main rule is to build a further strategy based on the available cards. The player must not forget that there is no exchange in the game. If they have a combination, they can safely continue.

It is better to watch other players — if the opponent rises, it may be a sign of a strong hand. There is no bluff in this game. The one with the strongest hand will win. If a player wants to win more, they must bet on Pair Plus. But they need to keep in mind that if their hand does not play, they will lose the bet.

Tips to win

The other tips include the following ones:

  • 3 card Poker odds should be considered;
  • The player must not play for borrowed money;
  • When the big win comes, it is better to leave the game.

If a player remembers about 3 card Poker odds and payouts and plays this type of Poker regularly, they will come to the conclusion that although luck should be on the side of a gambler to win, some strategy, the simplest one, can be used. It is as follows: the gamer must always play with Q-6-4 or Higher combination and do not play if the combination is worse.

Today, you can find this game in almost every online casino. This is quite an interesting type of popular entertainment with an unexpected outcome. This discipline will appeal to those who love the thrill and excitement. Three card Poker might seem a very complicated game for a newbie in comparison with Hold’em with all this stuff about 3 card Poker odds.

However, if you start playing it, with time, you will like this entertainment and understand how to make money even when the hand is not as good as it was expected.

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