3 player card games, which are regarded to be the most popular

3 player card games general terms

There are certain games when there could be as many as three and more participants. These types of games are ideal to play at home with friends as well as in a casino for real money and for fun.

Card games for 3 players allow to gain lots of practice in a very good company and even with members of a family, so when the moment of challenging your luck for real money comes, you will be prepared well. Such games can also be played online in live rooms where other participants may join in and add plenty of excitement to the gameplay.

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Features of card games dedicated to 3 players

Some of the games, which may involve as many as three players are more popular than the others. Therefore, not all of them can be played at the casino. In the other hand, some 3 player card games are regarded to be extremely popular than fun card games and rather occupy the top spots in the ratings of popularity. For that reason, when visiting online gambling resource or land based casino, finding a table with three other participants or more is relatively easy. The list below provides the examples of both types of games:

  • Poker and its varieties – where player has to make from three to five poker hands and whoever makes it better or causes the opponents to fold will win. This is probably the most popular attraction among three players card games.
  • Blackjack – where players have to make hands of total 21 points or closer. Players compete against the dealer but not against each other but three or more participants may sit at the playing table.
  • Baccarat is a high frequency game where participants make bets either on player’s or banker’s side. Whoever gets closer to nine points – wins.
  • Ninety-nine is a trick game where cards have to be removed to make the bid. Cards are kept in secret and points are recorded. It usually consists of nine turns after the winner is declared.
  • Old Maid is a game where luck is more important than skills. Cards are dealt by the ranks and a player must score the lowest points to win. There are several different versions in which different number of cards are dealt.

Many of the above mentioned 3 player card games can well be played as card games for two people and its gameplay does not become much different.

How to play 3 card games online?

All games that involve three or more participants may be played online. When a player joins in an online casino or chooses to play in a free mode without making download, other players will join the game randomly. Some resources simply allow to choose multiplayer mode and the others can do it automatically after the choice is made. The rest is carried out as normal and the gameplay is done as usual.

It is highly recommended to have some free practice first with easy card games, so that a person may come to grips with 3 player card games that have never been tried before.

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